Retail Marketing Cohesive Teaming


Consider This was engaged by a UK retail organisation to facilitate a meeting for the ten-strong marketing leadership team that had consistently failed to deliver due to lack of leadership, trust and sabotage between team members. The team had been without a lead for over 12 months and was not held in high regard in the rest of the organisation.


We conducted deep team development work to identify the sources of interference that detracted from the potential of the team; identified and resolved underlying issues and created team unity.

The team formulated a comprehensive annual plan around which they all aligned.  The plan was successfully implemented with strong links to sales for the first time in many years.

The team also went on to secure a new Marketing Director to support them in future. They learnt collaborative teaming behaviours and how to have meaningful dialogue that shared ideas and aired differences of opinion in constructive ways which led to a strengthening of relationships.

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