“Heidi is a highly-experienced and knowledgeable Executive Coach and Facilitator. She worked with my team over a period of twelve months starting with MBTI to achieve better understanding between team members and moving on to work through Lencioni’s five behaviours of cohesive teams. As a consequence of Heidi’s work we became a far more effective unit and were able to navigate successfully through a period of very substantial change. I would not hesitate to recommend Heidi to anyone seeking to improve effectiveness and performance at either an individual or team level.”

Russell Poole, Managing Director, Equinix

“Whatever the project or challenge, over many years, Heidi has never failed to impress. From executive coaching to Boardroom facilitation, the quality of delivery is outstanding, and the results speak for themselves. Positive energy and the ability to seek out successful solutions come naturally. Looking forward to the next project!”

EMEAI Sales and Marketing VP, TomTom

“Heidi, in the best practice of highly effective people, seeks to understand before being understood… This is management coaching par excellence, developing ‘self’ to better influence the performance of others.”

Principal, Bank of America Leasing

“I found Heidi’s advice and coaching to be first class and it helped me make a significant step change in not only my professional career, but also the important balances in my life overall. I have seen the same benefits mirrored within the individuals in my team she has coached.”

Damian Woodward, EMEAI Sales and Marketing VP, TomTom

“I was looking to enhance my leadership skills in one or two areas. Working with Heidi I have made significant progress in these areas. In addition, I have been able to leverage Heidi’s business and corporate experience on some specific team building activities, these have contributed to a step change in team working and financial performance. Heidi combines her challenge with empathy and humour in a way that has maximised my personal development outcomes.”

Vice President, Shell

“With Heidi’s help I quickly identified simple ways to modify my behaviours which cause others to put up barriers. Heidi provided me lots of tips and tools I now try and use every day as they work. I strongly recommend her program to anyone who wants to identify factors that interfere with their progress and reduce those roadblocks which stop them advancing their careers.”

Director Financial Planning and Analysis, Sabre Holdings

“Heidi brings a very special mix of skills, experience, professionalism and personal qualities to her coaching work. There are no cookie-cutter approaches with Heidi – she recognises that people respond to challenge and change in different ways and tailors her approach accordingly. Our sessions together have always been positive and very valuable.”

Head of Technology Practice, BP

“Heidi helped me to tackle some challenging issues I had in my work environment. Using her suggestions, I was able to successfully address performance problems within my teams. She also helped develop some effective team sessions which enabled me and my team to work more effectively across my virtual organisation in Europe. I very much appreciated her focus and ability to understand the underlying issues, and the amount of approaches and ideas she helped me generate.”

Shell, Aviation Operations Manager Europe

“Heidi helped restore and increase my confidence level which resulted in better, faster decision making. My project management skills massively improved which resulted in outstanding (and recognised) results. Thanks to her background as a management consultant, Heidi adds excellent advice on practical business issues in addition to the more standard coaching on leadership behaviours. It has quite simply been the most positive learning experience in my career.”

Senior Programme Manager, Infineum

“Heidi is a great example of the enormous difference a coach can make. She is quick to build rapport and trust; her questions are insightful, and her advice is practical and inspiring; she is focused and packs a huge amount into each session. I thoroughly enjoyed the coaching experience with Heidi and would highly recommend her.”

Andy Williamson, Head of Communications, Elexon

“If you are looking for a dynamic and energetic Executive Coach/Leadership Trainer who demands the same respect that she gives to her participants; somebody who is not intimidated by senior executives that are incredibly intelligent and pushed for time and in some cases ‘non-engagers’; then Heidi is who you need. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Healthcare Consultant for NHS, University Hospitals of Leicester

“[Coaching with Heidi] triggered some of the most important and valuable learning of my career. Heidi helped me identify, understand and tailor my working styles and preferences to improve my effectiveness. Heidi also gave me practical tools and techniques to overcome challenges and difficult situations. Heidi was super-supportive too; going way above and beyond.”

Luke Jefferson, Product Manager, Triptease

“I have found Heidi’s input invaluable in aiding my firm develop its expansion strategy. Not only have her coaching skills been first class but her creative and innovative approach to our firm’s strategic objectives helped me identify an opening which didn’t initially appear to be there.”

Peter Adcock, MD, Adcock Financial Group

“Heidi is simply good at her job and in so being, made me better at my job. We have used Heidi to coach people at various levels of our organisation and without exception have seen a positive impact.”

Tim Britton, CEO, You Gov

“We were able to leverage [Heidi’s] coaching skills with a couple of executives. Subsequently these individuals have not only excelled in their careers they have created real commercial value to the organisations who invested in them. I am sure that this is in part due to the coaching that Heidi provided.”

Peter Taylor, MD, HR Circle

“Before I met Heidi, I was a bit of a cynic about executive coaching, it all sounded a bit fluffy, indulgent and expensive. But I was wrong, and I admit it and I have Heidi to thank for the hallelujah moment. This woman really does change people… almost overnight. Or rather she helps them to change themselves. A truly gifted communicator she can assist you to see those ‘brick walls’ for what they are, get to the root of what is sapping your potential, laughs in the face of “I can’t”, grasps life’s challenges and turns them into opportunities.”

June Cory, My Mustard

“The most amazing thing about Heidi is her ability to tailor her approach perfectly to the person she is working with, facilitating the best possible environment for productive and effective results.”

Srđan Mijić, Regional Head, Interest Rate Risk at Ahli United Bank

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