Professional Disagreement and Threatened Legal Action


Two European level directors from a professional global organisation had failed to resolve a dispute which had escalated and were both now threatening legal action which would have led to bad publicity for the organisation, and both individuals resigning resulting in huge loss of deep expertise.


Through relationship-building starting with foundations of trust and meaningful dialogue, Heidi helped the individuals to understand the psychology behind escalating conflict and to own the parts they played individually in the tension and the current situation.

They were able to discuss what was important to them, their intent for themselves and the organisation, embrace each other’s perspective and glean the insights necessary to want to resolve the conflict with a ‘win-win’outcome.

By the end of the intervention, both parties knew how to ‘make good’ the situation, believed neither and both were to blame, and shook hands with a commitment to work together.

Three months later, the court case never happened, both parties had completed their reparations, and business as usual had resumed.

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