Making Order out of Chaos


This senior manager had been set the enormous task of taking over and leading a large European programme and ensuring it came in came in on time, to budget and delivered all of the anticipated benefits. This manager was accountable for ensuring the effective coordination and alignment between three different consulting firms and the home team of professionals totalling over 200 people.

The project was not going well, tension was running high, communication was poor and respect between the different organisations was low.


The coach helped the manager develop self-belief and courage, and to realise that they had many of the skills needed to rise to the challenge. Through identifying the key influencers, building relationships, seeking to understand the challenges and different perspectives the manager secured trust and respect from all parties.

Professional facilitation brought all key stakeholders to the table and created the environment where the differences and misunderstandings could be aired and resolved.

The culture swiftly changed from suspicion, distrust and blame to trust, alignment and collaboration. The project teams understood one another, started working more closely together with more of a ‘one-team’ mentality. The project was delivered on time, without incident, and the manager was rewarded with a promotion as a result.

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