European Team Stabilisation


The acquisition of a small yet global company by an industry leader was welcomed by the European arm of the target organisation.  The sale of that European arm’s Intellectual Property and Customer Base to a competitor soon after the acquisition, came as a shock and led to 90% of the workforce being made redundant with the global company retaining just 10% of the European workforce.  These remaining employees were now expected to pick up and perform under the global brand while feeling sad at the loss of their colleagues, resentful, unsettled, and anxious for their future job security.


Through dedicated time and encouragement, each remaining employee shared their thoughts and concerns and were brought together in an environment conducive for meaningful dialogue.  Discussion and planning facilitated, reflection, needs analysis, and the critical factors associated with team healing, stabilisation, and engagement.  Team relationships were encouraged through carefully chosen team building activities that helped this group of people orientate towards each other and form into a team.
The resulting group of redundancy survivors were stabilised, became united, formed relationships with the global acquiring company, aligned with the strategy and collaborated to deliver on objectives.

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