Cass Business School MBA Career Coaching Programme


To support the MBA students through one-to-one coaching as they plan and consider the next steps in their career after securing their MBA. To help them gain clarity on where they are on their career journey; assist them in defining their career related goals and objectives; to enable short-term actions that will help their progress; make informed choices when tailoring their MBA so that it better meets their ‘career needs’ rather than their ‘personal wants’.


Depending on the starting point, the students will progress in one or more of the following ways: move further forwards on their career journey; gain greater self-awareness and clarity on the appropriate career for them; make plans, set goals and start achieving the objectives that will take them towards attaining a role in their chosen career; regain control over their career direction.

As is common with career development and progression, much of this work is about helping the individuals identify their internal interference and help them develop congruence around their career aspirations.

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