Simon Heath, Consulting Artist

Coaching credentials

Simon operates as a consultant blending his leadership experience with his incredible skills as an artist.

This follows a successful corporate career as a senior manager in financial services where he led complex, multi-disciplinary projects and organisational design programmes.

As a consulting artist and graphic facilitator, Simon fully utilises his many years’ experience as a senior leader in the corporate world to help people communicate more effectively, visualise and navigate complex challenges and opportunities and achieve greater engagement.

Outside work

Simon lives near Hampton Court Palace in a leafy, rivery sort of neighbourhood in Surrey with his wife and two children. He is a retired polar explorer, recovering corporate executive and single malt aficionado. He loves books, buying them faster than he can read them. His music tastes are wildly eclectic, ranging from The Wurzels to Sibelius. He is also an inveterate Star Wars fan.

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