Coaching Approach

“Performance = Potential – Interference”

Reference: ‘The Inner Game of Work’ by Tim Gallwey

Increases in Performance that result from unleashing Potential alone, are rarely as great or as sustainable as those that result from also identifying and minimising ‘Interference’.

Interference comes in many forms.

Consider this…

  • A manager completes a coaching programme through which they develop an empowering mindset, productive behaviours and a coaching style of management. But they return to lead a dysfunctional team that has negative expectations and biases.
  • A newly coached team have embraced their differences, aligned around objectives, developed good team behaviours and rewarding, productive working relationships.  However, the organisational culture and infrastructure still support ineffective processes, encourages competition between team members and micromanagement.
  • A leadership team has formulated and aligned around a company vision and strategy. But they experience tension resulting from the different work approaches and personalities of the leadership team members.

In each of those scenarios, the Performance increase that results may be limited, short-lived or even negated in the face of the pressure or inertia of the very real Interference that can detract from Potential.

That’s why we take a broad perspective and look to address and minimise any interference that may detract from the success you deserve.

We will work with you, your team, and your leaders to identify and remove the obstacles that are reducing the Potential of your organisation’s levels of success.


Ready to remove Performance Interference?

Many coaches work on the basis that the answers you need are already within you and ask powerful questions to draw them out. If this is the style of coaching you’d like, of course we can provide it; we also offer so much more.

Consider this…

As well as powerful questions, you also benefit from fresh thinking, new perspectives, ideas, and approaches that are tried, tested, and proven to work.

How? Because Heidi and her team will share the knowledge they’ve gleaned over more than three decades within different industries and organisations, helping resolve countless challenges and enabling people and teams to really fulfil their potential.

With this blended model of support, you’re more likely to make more progress more quickly.

Interested in exploring further?

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